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Shark attacks: 2012

Here you can see statistics of shark attacks on humans in 2012. Although accidents were quite numerous, they dont show the full picture. In fact, nobody knows real numbers, and the list below only describes attacks officially recorded and covered by mass media. 

Unfortunately, most shark attacks were largely ignored, as they didnt cause any severe injuries. Thus, the list doesnt include some accidents that occurred in Florida (US) and Australia.

There were also ISAF records stating that people didnt understand whether they had been attacked by sharks or other sea creatures.

We wont be telling you so called sensations concocted to put fear in readers hearts. Only real 2012 shark stacks are described below.

January 2, 2012

3m Tiger Shark Attacks Diver

As reported by The Daily Mail, News.am.

A 3m tiger shark attacked a diver off Duranbah Beach (Queensland, Australia) at around 9 a.m. on January 2, 2012. Hugo Sylvia was spear fishing when the shark struck. He was lucky enough to get off with nothing more than a fright and a couple of minor scratches on his back.

January 3, 2012

Predator Attacks Surfer Waiting for a Wave

Next shark attack occurred on another Australian coast shortly after. Surfer Mike Wells, 28, was attacked by a shark off New South Wales the very next day, on January 3, at about 20 p.m. Mike was lying on his board far from shore and waiting for a good wave to catch. Mike says the predator had approached him silently and attacked him all of a sudden. The monster left some wounds to the mans forearm and left wrist, and disappeared under water again.

Luckily for the surfer, the beach was monitored by safeguards who provided first aid to him. One can say that Mike Wells got off cheaply. He claims that the shark was 2m long, but the species was not identified. 

As reported by The Daily Mail, News.am.

January 15, 2012

25-Year-Old Surfer Is Killed by Shark

Another tragic incident happened at Second Beach, South Africa, on January 15. All beachgoers witnessed a terrifying shark attack on 25-year-old surfer Lungisani Msungubana. 

The guy was trying to fight the shark back, all in vain. The shark disappeared a couple of minutes later, but this time was enough to give the man numerous appalling lacerations.

Eye witnesses said that it was a horrible scene when lifeguards and other surfers pulled the guy on shore. Water had become red for the five minutes of the fight. The surfers body was severely mauled. There were numerous tears on his legs; his arms were almost eaten to bone. Large chunks of his body were bitten off.

Lungisani was given emergency treatment immediately on shore and sent to hospital right away, but he died on route from excessive bleedings and multiple wounds.

It was the sixth shark attack since 2007, when there was a series of fatal bull shark attacks. Apart from that, 16-year-old surfer Zama Ndamase was killed by a shark at the same beach in January 2011.

The shark attacked the boy very close to shore. He was already dead when people pulled him out of water. The shark severed an artery on his leg. The young surfer was called a rising star of the world surfing and was bound to become a professional sportsman.

Agence France-Presse (AFP)

January 18, 2012

44-Year-Old Surfer Didnt Realize What Happened

Surfer Glen Folkard, 44, was attacked by a shark when he was lying on his board off Redhead Beach, New South Wales on January 18, 2012. Now the man feels great and shares his memories unwillingly. The first thing Glen mentions is that he wouldnt be alive if it hadnt been for lifeguards and doctors.

The attack was aggressive and violent. The shark had struck him from beneath, grabbed his leg and dragged him under the surface. His first feeling was not a fear or shock, but an intolerable pain piercing through his whole body. The shark released Glen underwater. Glen says, he owes his survival to the fact that the shark wanted to get rid of the piece of his board that it had bitten together with his leg. I dont know how, Glen remembers, but I jerked and rushed to shore. I was swimming as fast as a fish, though it seemed to me that I was doing too slowly, as if my own body was resisting to escape.

The man was lucky to faint from pain already on land. He was missing a huge chunk of his leg.

Another surfer Steve Tidey who was surfing close to Glen saw a big black shadow in the water a few minutes before the attack. The shark was about 3m long. Experts believe it was a bull shark.

January 19, 2012

Shark Bites Guide on a Tour

Australian snorkeler David Pickering tells a chilling story of his narrow escape from a tiger shark that bit his arm. The young man was courageous enough to punch the attacker on its snout with his free hand again and again. 

David was snorkeling at Coral Bay in Western Australia on January 19, 2012. He was 100m offshore when the tiger shark came at him.

David was not alone out there. As a tour guide, he was leading a group of snorkelers. The group was terrified to see the shark attacking their leader and mauling his right arm severely.

As the guy didnt lose heart and started fending off the monster, he saved the whole group, including children, by warning them to go out of water. When he reached the shore, he was assisted by lifesavers and then taken to Perth hospital with awful lacerations on his right arm.

Paradoxically, this accident didnt make David quit his favorite sport. He promises to come back as soon as his arm is healed. 

February 25, 2012

Shark Bites Fisherman

Another attack occurred on Australian coast on February 25, 2012. A fisherman was attacked by a grey nurse shark at Broughton Island, New South Wales. The monster caused severe injuries to his foot. He grabbed my foot and dragged me down. I still dont understand why he let me go, the 47-year-old injured man says. He was taken to hospital with multiple foot lacerations.

February 26, 2012

26 Stitches to Repair a Small Bite

Quite an extraordinary incident occurred in Florida, US. Sharks are constant guests here. However, kite surfer Jason survived this encounter. Jason was performing another trick and jumped to find himself on a sharks back. The monster responded with slightly biting him on his foot, but this small bite cost the guy 26 stitches. The surfer is believed to have landed on a grey bull shark.

March 20, 2012

Another Surfer Bitten by a Shark

Another surfer was bitten by a shark at Nobby Beach in Queensland, Australia, The Daily Mail and News.am report. An unidentified shark bit 20-year-old surfer Billy OLeary on his foot. The surfer admits he got off with only a scare, as it might have been much worse than that. I can say I am lucky, because I still have my foot with me. The wounds are not that deep. It is definitely a miracle, says the guy.

March 31, 2012

Diver Is Attacked by Several Sharks

Several sharks attacked scuba diver Peter Kurmann, 33, at Stratham Beach in Western Australia just before 9 a.m. on March 31, 2012. Even his own brother couldnt help him. He was in a state of shock for a long time after eye witnessing the tragic incident. I just didnt know what to do. I was frozen to the spot, staring in horror. There were several sharks attacking him, his brother recalls reluctantly. Peters mutilated remains were found only a few hours later quite far away from the spot of the attack. Experts trying to reconstruct the attack believe it were great whites.

Source: The Daily Mail, News.am.

April 1, 2012

Another Surfing Victim

28-year-old surfboarder Joshua Holley had a miraculous survival in the quiet Hawaiian bay of Oahu Island on April 1, 2012. A tiger shark bit his foot. The guy made it out from the beasts teeth and arrived on shore with insignificant foot lacerations.

April 19, 2012

20-Year-Old Boy Killed by a Great White

David Lilienfeld was fatally attacked by a great white shark at Kogel Bay in Western Cape, South Africa. The shark came at the boy when he was body boarding 100m from shore with his brother.

Beachgoers became eye witnesses that day. When they saw a shark fin, they started crying to warn David about the coming threat. However, the boy didnt hear their screams lost in a great distance and washed by the waves.

The shark disappeared under the surface to prepare for an attack. Then it threw David off his board. The guy was trying to fight off with his board but the shark dragged him deep into the water, and soon his body rose to surface.

Even after the attack was over, lifesavers could not approach the drifting body for a while, as the killer was still there. When the waves brought the corpse closer to shore, it was finally pulled out.

Experts say the guy was dead in seconds. The shark first tore off his leg and then bit off a part of his body. Davids brother who was surfing around could do nothing to help him. 

Source: Agence France-Presse (AFP)

May 9, 2012

Shark Bites German Woman

A shark attacked German tourist Karin Ulrike Stei, 47, at around 11.30 a.m. off Vero Beach in shark-infested Florida, US. The woman was bathing close to shore. I was swimming in waist-deep water. I never swim too far, Karin says. He struck me all of a sudden. I felt something hit my left thigh violently, and then I realized I had been bitten. The woman had a 40cm chunk of her body just torn off to the bone. Her femoral artery was mauled, and the spot of the attack started turning into a big pool of blood. 

Luckily for the woman, the incident was witnessed by 58-year-old Dave Daniels. He swam out quickly to Stei and lifted her to the surface. He was terrified by the womans wound and told her not to look down. Then the man paddled Karin to shore.

The accident was also spotted by air safeguards patrolling the beach from a helicopter. Karin was flown to Regional Medical Center in Fort Pierce for an urgent surgery. The woman was reported to be safe a few days later. As the injury was rather severe, Karin will never live the same life she had before the accident. Now she can only use her leg as a prop for walking.

  July 14, 2012

Shark Rips Surfer to Pieces

A 4m great white shark attacked a man off Wedge Island, 160km west-north of Perth, Western Australia, on July 14, 2012. The predator tore the man to pieces leaving him no chance of survival. The tragedy was witnessed by a young man riding a hydrobike around.

The eye witness says he was trying to approach the body but the shark wouldnt go. There was a lot of blood all around. I tried to come closer but the shark started stalking me. It hit the hydrobike, and I nearly fell into the water. It is so scary when an awful 4 or 5m shadow is approaching you under the surface. This guy didnt have any chances, he says. The mans remains have not been found since then. The beach was closed for some time while coastal police were trying to catch the killer and find at least some of the remains. This has been the 5th violent shark attack on the Australian coast since the last September.

  July 20, 2012

A headless body of 24-year-old Shaka Galera, who had gone missing on a fishing trip, was found in Trinidad and Tobago (south of the Caribbean) on July 20 of the last year.

Shaka Galera set out on a fishing trip with his friends to try out a new boat. They were out in the sea when the guy jumped out of the boat to have a swim. He swam quite a long way from the boat, and the current brought him even farther.

His friends soon saw Shaka splashing about in the water and decided he had caught a cramp and started drowning. The young man disappeared beneath the surface in an instant. His friends rushed to help him but couldnt find him for several hours even after calling the Trinidad Coast Guard. Relatives, friends, and local fishermen spent three days searching for the body and finally found the remains 10 miles from the Plum Mitan River estuary.

Autopsy showed that Shaka Galeras head was bitten off by a big shark, probably after he had drowned. There were also marks on his body similar to those of shark teeth. Experts believe it must have been a large species, as it should have had very powerful teeth to bite human vertebrae.

  July 20, 2012

Man Killed by a Shark off Madagascar

Another unfortunate incident occurred in the Indian Ocean, near Reunion Island. The victim was a 21-year-old man.  Tourists love Reunion for solitude and silence. This tiny plot of land is only 500 miles east of Madagascar. A grey bull shark is reported to have killed Alexandre Rassiga who was surfing 100m offshore. Alexandre stayed alive during a couple of hours following the attack. His friends pulled him to shore and tried to revive him.

As pathologists discovered later, the shark first bit the man on his leg, just under his knee. This bite was not fatal, but the next one mauled the artery. The young man simply bled to death, despite the efforts of his friends and other people on the beach to stop the bleeding.

Local authorities tried to take safety measures after this accident by imposing a ban on swimming and water sports along the coastline.

However, this doesnt stop local sportsmen from hunting their waves off Madagascar. Surfers say there are still many sharks out there, especially near Reunion Island. Their number is only growing. 

And the number of surfers is growing, too. Shark attacks are more and more numerous each year, due to the fact that surfers lure sharks and provoke their attacks or aggressive behavior. Unfortunately, the consequences are too sad.

August 1, 2012

Surfer Survives after Being Bitten by a Great White

Surfboarder John Campion was bitten on the arm by a shark at Streaky Bay in Southern Australia. Seven more people were surfing that day. One of the witnesses claims it was a great white shark. 

Johns friends rushed just in time to pull him out of the water on his board. The guy was given first aid and taken to a hospital in Adelaide. The laceration was rather small, but the man still lost a lot of blood. 

August 1, 2012

Doctors Save Surfers Legs Bitten by a Shark

That day, August 1, local radio station Good Morning America reported an attack by a big shark on surfer Christopher Myers off Cape Cod beach.

Beachgoers became onlookers that day. They were the first to spot a sharks dorsal fin above the surface. They tried to warn surfers with their screams. The shark attacked a man who managed to escape from the grip. He was helped by his son and friends and then brought to hospital. The most outstanding thing in this story was that the mans legs were severely mauled, but doctors saved both limbs. It was later announced that a big grey bull shark must have been responsible for the attack.

August 3, 2012

Shark Attack on Surfer in Hawaii

A shark bit surfer Steve Stotts on the foot on August 2 in Hawaii (Kauai Island, Poipu). The injured man was taken to a hospital with a nonfatal laceration to his foot.

Steve says he was surfing in high breaking waves with his wife Rachel about 100 yards off Kauai (Hawaii).

He noticed a shadow in the water just before afternoon. My foot was squeezed as in a clamp, but I didnt feel any pain, says Steve. I didnt even realize it had been a shark. The man managed to break his foot free from the predators gash and rushed to shore. His wound was dressed, and Steve was sent to hospital in a truck.

As it was found out later, Steve got attacked by a tiger shark. This could be said by the marks of the teeth on the two lacerations. Steve got 24 stitches to his foot.

Stotts laughs remembering that horrible day and jokes that the shark didnt like the taste of his foot and spit it out.

October 23, 2012

A 38-Year-Old Surfer Dies from Shark Bite off California Beach

Another surfer became prey for a shark off Surf Beach in Santa-Barbara, CA.

A 38-year-old man was surfing when he was attacked by a great white shark. He bled to death from dreadful lacerations to his body.

Although the man was helped out of the water and given emergency aid, he died on the way to hospital from fatal wounds.

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