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Sharks in Australian Waters

A huge number of various shark species can be found in this region, including species highly dangerous for humans. Experts believe that Australia and Oceania are two most shark infested areas in the world.

Australia is an undisputed leader by the number of fatal shark attacks. Of course, Florida and California outscore Australia in some statistics, but this only happens because even entrance of sharks into beach areas is regarded as shark attacks in the US.

Among Australian sharks dangerous for humans, we should particularly name great white shark, tiger shark, speartooth shark, whitetip reef shark, hammerhead sharks, shortfin mako shark, and sand tiger shark. All of them can attack both in open sea and in coastal areas.

Oceans’ deep waters are inhabited by oceanic whitetip sharks and blue sharks. Therefore, all beachgoers and those who associate their resort directly with the ocean – surfboarders and divers – are necessarily warned about all dangers of the seemingly friendly waters.

Thus, a tragic incident occurred in September 2011, when a great white bit off the lower half of a surfer, which was never found.

However, the flow of tourists is not getting reduced. Charming beaches, warm sea, picturesque lagoons for snorkeling make Australia a beloved and much appreciated tourist destination. This country is a wonderful combination of unbelievable exotics and modern cities, untouched virgin nature and skyscraper spires shining in the sun.

Killer sharks are not alone in Australia’s coastal areas. There are many other fishes including sharks that are interesting to observe. Tourists are happy to try to fish real sharks with a rod or another fishing tackle, while some people take scuba sets and cameras to take photos of the ocean wildlife  or just dive around. Water hides most diverse species: angel sharks, carpetsharks, spiny dogfish, catsharks, zebra sharks, blind sharks… Or even nurse sharks! Interestingly, some species of these classes and families can only be found around the island continent.

The main habitat of sharks is the Great Barrier Reef. Due to large amounts of food and warm water, the Reef has become home to most various creatures.

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