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Sharks of the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is the ideal habitat for more than 40 sharks species, from which 15 can constitute danger to the man. But it should be mentioned, that the quantity of attack cases of sharks on people in the basin of the Mediterranean Sea 10 times less, than in other corners of the Earth with shark danger.

Among sea predators of the Mediterranean Sea real threat for the person is posed by a tiger shark, a shark-mako, a giant hammer head shark, an oceanic whitetip shark, a bull shark and, of course, a big white shark. The gray reef shark, sandy shark, blue, lemon, sevengill and silky sharks considered to be potentially dangerous.

Million tourists from all over the world come to spend their holidays on the Mediterranean Sea. Travel agencies almost never inform that there is a probability to meet blood-thirsty sharks. Though the end of 2010 the coasts of Turkey were chosen by big white sharks, and the Greek fishermen caught a shark that was more than ten meters long and had a weight of four tons.

For protection against these sharks use protection means - Sharkiller.

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