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Beaches and sharks in Primorye region (Russia)

The statistics of sharks attack on people shows quite obvious fact: attacks are becoming more and more frequent and bring more and more losses in recent years.

Whether you switch on TV or surf in Internet it is possible at once to see the mass of messages about another one cannibal shark having attacked the person. Think of a situation happened literally five years ago: such information was a rarity and could be met usually only in fiction or movies. And now think of a cannibal shark in Primorskyi Krai, which crippled two people during one day! It happened in 2011. One year before at the end of  2010 there was a number of shark attacks on the Russian tourists in the waters of Egypt. The conclusion is quite sad: sharks become more and more aggressive and uncontrollable.

Reading information in newspapers and magazines, there is a strange feeling as if sharks have declared a real war against the people. Pay attention that the management of practically each resort where there was an emergency fact, says that such a case is very surprising. Resorts managers  declare that cannibal sharks attacks on their territories became the real sensation, as anybody have ever expected such turn of events.

However, todays  situation shows that all Russian tourists, and especially those who respect and are fond of sea depths, received very serious warnings about sharks. There is a feeling  that sea predators decided to show finally who is the real boss of the sea depth.

And thats why the question appears why has a number of cannibal sharks attacks increased so enormously? We suggest you to try to research the matter, thinking of all known information about psychology of sea predators.

Its an obvious fact that the shark is, first of all, a very dangerous predator. The shark is dangerous for any living being, whether it is a usual small plankton or the adult person. Actually, each shark type and species has it preference in food, but during hunting any organism turns into prey. Have you ever suggested how sharks managed to survive during several million years? The answer is quite simple: this sea predator easily adapts to any kind of living forage and will never disdain carrion. Sharks are creatures who eat absolutely everything. Only a few species of huge predators who eat solely plankton can be an exception.

You may search only a few popular information sources and it becomes clear that ecologists have been warning people for several years that sea depths become empty and uninhabited. It occurs first of all because people got used to look into the sea, as into own refrigerator: killing one or another sea animal and eating it. Earlier sharks had enough forage, but now they start competing with people on the right of subsistence. Even couple decades ago sharks were quite indifferent to the people swimming near the coast. They were full up and satisfied with the life. Today sharks dont have enough food any more and from usual sea predators they start turning into the real blood-thirsty cannibals. Perhaps, the man behaviour is primary and the main reason for shark attack on people.

The proved fact is that the shark, who has once tried a taste of human blood and meat, won't stop and will continue hunting for people, mainly because the person is the most harmless being in water who can show practically no resistance and becomes easy and pleasant prey. This situation is very similar to position of tigers in the Far East. The terrestrial predators there become cannibals because of elementary shortage of natural live forage.

Probably each one of us is interested in a question how and why sharks started hunting in Primorsky Krai. Earlier it was the inadmissible situation; no one has ever expected such cannibal hunters in our native waters.

This question may have two main answers which are absolutely parallel to each other.

First of it should be noticed the fact that earlier cannibal sharks also attacked person in the Sea of Japan. The only moment which should be considered is that several decades ago such attacks were absolutely secret information and weren't disclosed to simple people.

The second answer is quite simple. We may mention the case occurred on the 24th of September, 2009. Two young divers were in the Sea of Okhotsk. They sank to depth about ten meters. It was necessary carefully to clean mollusks collecting collector. While young men were occupied with work, several mackerel sharks swam to them imperceptibly. One of predators attacked the diver. The second man stuck quite a sharp lance into a shark, thereby having driven it away. The victim was rescued and safely delivered to the coast. As it turned out later he didn't get any serious traumas.

Or, for example, do you know that many cases of shark attacks occurred in the last century simply werent believed to be true? For example there was one interesting, but still a terrible case. One of young recruits was swimming in the sea and was suddenly attacked by a shark. The young man managed to escape and reach medical institution. When the guy reported who crippled him so much, doctors didn't believe him. It was suggested that the recruit thus tries to rescue himself from military service. The end of this history remains unknown.

Nowadays it is possible to say that cannibal sharks are big rarity for Primorsky Krai and each attack is a mere chance. But you shouldn't forget that sea predators have less and less food every year in the clear high sea, and therefore, their presence at a coastal zone becomes more and more expected and dangerous.

Another one important reason why sharks approach Primorsky Krai, is that waters in the high sea become colder, and warm currents move to coastal zones. It is known that sharks are warm-requiring predators, able to move behind a warm stream infinitely long. In cold water they become less active and much less aggressive.

This fact is quite discrepant. Obviously no animal will pay much attention to cold water if it is hungry and thirsts for some live meat. The food is a very important part of the life of any sea predator. They need it not only for usual livelihood, but also for gaining the energy, and processing it in heat. The known obvious fact is that any cannibal shark is capable to have the body temperature much exceeding water temperature.

But let's speak about warm currents in details. The matter is that warm water is followed by squids and small fishes that are the main food product of any shark in the high sea. As a result, at migration of small fish into warm waters, sharks follow it tirelessly. From here we can make the following logical chain of sharks movement: warm water small fish, squids sharks.

Most often the warm currents bring sharks into Primorsky Krai. There is the following danger: the shark once being near the person and having experienced such an easy prey, will return here again certainly.

Roman Vilfand, quite well-known Russian meteorologist says that the shark is a quite stupid being, not able to follow the direction of warm waters. However, all modern experts are ready to argue with this statement. For example if we look at least at a plankton despite that this being is one of the most unreasonable on the earth, nevertheless is follows warm water permanently. It is known that today, in comparison with the last several decades, water temperature in Primorsky Krai increased by two-three degrees. Current temperature is the real comfortable paradise for any shark type.

The international Center on accounts and registration of cases of shark attacks on the person reminds the fact that every year the number of tourists on beaches of Primorskyi Krai increases every year, which can't disregard a sea predator. This Center also notes the fact that if sharks population in sea waters wouldnt decrease, the number of attacks would correspond to number of people resting near  the sea.

The following shark species are most wide spread in the sea depths of the Far East: mako shark, white big and hammer head shark. In the Sea of Japan and the sea of Okhotsk there are also thresher and mackerel sharks. It is possible to meet a short-fin gray shark which remains potentially dangerous to the person. Also, despite that bull sharks were not presented in the Sea of Japan till this day, the experts assume that such a encounter may happen soon.

Its possible to make one quite unfavourable conclusion from the written above: sharks species dangerous to the person have been also presented in the seas of Primorsky Krai earlier. However, nowadays it is impossible to consider to be safe places, which used to be so earlier. Sharks appear more often in places where no one expects to see them, and show all their bloodthirstiness in relation towards the person.

Its almost impossible to exclude tragedies at shark attack completely, but nevertheless, it is necessary to reconsider our relation to these amazing and dangerous sea predators. The significant role may play the experience of other countries where shark attacks on people have already become a part of life rhythm and almost never surprise anyone.

Youd probably agree that even a single shark attack on the person is a real tragedy for all country which shouldn't be hidden from people.

It should be mentioned also that searching of the shark, having attacked the person and the murder of it are not the best way of fighting against such a problem. It is almost impossible to find exactly "that" shark, and is very easy to murder an innocent predator. Besides, one should be the real well trained expert to catch a shark and dont get traumas. Any dilettante trying to capture a predator at sea depths, may be strongly wounded and become disabled person in the best case, in the worst to receive death from his "prey".


According to the lastest news of mass media it turned out that on the 28th of August, 2011 the shark attack on person occurred on the southern coast of Primorsky Krai. 26-year-old local Pavel Nechaev became the victim. The young man was searching carefree starfishes near the coast when the shark jumped out from water and bit his shoulder. Fortunately, Pavel was quickly delivered in medical institution where he received all necessary medical help.


Some time earlier mass media reported that near the settlement the Slav a shark was noticed and killed by harpoons. The people, who have caught predator, assure what exactly this individual made an attack on several people just a week ago.

The authorities of the Hasansky area renewed again the ban on swimming and staying in water, being afraid of accidents.

A big group of the experts called for tracing and murder of a shark, which made the next, third attack on the defenseless person and caused a lot of health  problems to him, was sent to the area of the Slav settlement.

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