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Beaches and sharks of Egypt

Egypt is a wonderful country that to some extent is a cradle of the whole mankind. It is worth visiting at least once to see its places of interest. In spite of the climate and changes of the weather, travelers often arrive to Egypt looking for some unusual impressions and historical values. In addition to extremely interesting sightseeing tours, this country offers its guests a wonderful beach-related rest. Taking into account tour prices, no wonder the country is so popular!

What Egyptian town or city to choose? Vacationers who prefer to spend their time quietly and calmly would better stay in El Gouna, being famous all over the world as the Venice on the Red Sea. Those who like active lifestyle must visit one of the most rapidly developing resorts Marsa Alam. Numerous guests of local hotels can enjoy yachting, diving, and other water sports. At the bottom of the Red Sea there is its own special life; it is extremely attractive for tourists and demonstrates us one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Here in the bosom of the sea you can see a great number of the Indian Ocean dwellers, some fish species that have recently been unknown and appeared as the cause of the survival fight in the sea waters. It is here where at the ancient shores of Egypt even experienced scuba divers have an opportunity to be amazed by the miracles of the sea world and admire the fishes they have never seen anywhere else on the planet.

Though any beauty in the world must be able to defend itself and there are no roses without thorns in the world, the indescribably beautiful underwater fauna of the Red Sea has a unique counterbalance: according to the claims of word-famous scientists, the Egyptian coat of the Red Sea is one of the most dangerous ones for an imprudent person. It is necessary to observe the local underwater perfectness with special attentiveness and not avoid any contacts with waters dwellers as much as possible.

As many as 30 types of sharks dwell deep in the sea that is from one side borders with the Mediterranean Sea and from another with the Indian Ocean! They include both rather peaceful reef predators (white tip sharks and black tip sharks, reef sharks, sand sharks, leopard sharks and nurse sharks) and conditionally dangerous for a human being (hammer sharks, mako with short flippers, black-finned sharks, silver sharks, tiger sharks, grey reef sharks). Professional divers have been discussing for years which resort is safer: Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh. Each of them is famous in its own way and each has its own doubtless advantages. Sharks have always attacked people. However 2010 has broken all records, and put human beings off diving into the ancient waters at the Egyptian coast for a long time.

During that sad period numerous underwater predators attacked peacefully swimming people during only one week. Later ecologists explained their behavior as mad hunger that was caused by sharp growth of the water temperature. In its turn the temperature increased because of the radioactive wastes that were found at the sea bottom. In any case, tragedies took place.

In addition to the mentioned Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, there are a lot of wonderful resorts in the country. Top 10 of the most popular places also includes such towns as Safaga and El Gouna, Makadi Bay and Soma Bay as well as Marsa Alam. However, regardless of what resort you will choose it is necessary to remember that you can meet a shark everywhere and that you should care about your own safety beforehand. The opinion that the one that is born to be hanged shall never be drowned does not work as far as it concerns sharks. It is far from the fact that one can die from the sharks bite, but it is quite possible to lose an arm or a leg!

However, it is not necessary to get panic-stricken from this information: in fact every year several thousands of people on the planet die from land predators bites, and no more than fifteen people die from sea predators. The most important thing one must always keep in mind is this one: if you happen to meet a shark, dont panic and dont try to swim away from it. It will see you as its prey, if you start swim actively, while it can fail to notice you if you hide behind a reef. Finally you can start a fight: the resisting food can simply discourage the predator, and it will think you are not eatable. Then since the main thing is to eat and not to fight, there is a chance that the shark will swim away to find something more eatable.

Generally speaking, it is necessary to be observant, organized, and attentive. Then it will be clear that a human being is threatened not by sharks but by own fear.

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