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The most dangerous beaches and holiday destinations

It is not a secret for anybody that the Ocean is quite a cruel world governed by its own leaders and having its own unspoken rules. All Ocean life stages were formed during many millennia and they cannot be objected by any way because it is dangerous not only for the health but life, too.

Creatures that live in the depths got used to such lifestyle long ago; however, recently this world has been broken in by a creature that is as dangerous a Human Being. Exactly at these moments the fate becomes unpredictable and dangerous both for sea creatures and the human being himself.

Long ago sharks let people understand that they governed the undersea world and would not allow anyone to put foot into this house without being punished. These unpredictable and dangerous creatures are practically all-mighty in their own environment. The fact that sharks have recently started attacking people in seemingly safe coastland only proves the fact that the human being is an entirely excrescent creature in the Ocean.

At all times warm blue sea, tender waves and golden sand attracted all young and old, but it is always necessary to keep in mind that it is that very place where an unexpected disaster lies in wait for people.

Today nobody will be surprised to learn about sharks attacking people. Such human being hunting is often provoked by human beings themselves. However, such attacks often occur by reasons nobody knows. Every year the special service registers all cases of attacks by man eater sharks, and unfortunately the number of such emergency situations increases each day

We offer you to look through the statistics of the most dangerous places where shark attacks take place most often.

Australia. Queensland. Gold Coast beaches

Brisbane is quite a famous capital of the Queensland state. Every year the beaches situated outside the capital attract more and more tourists and beachgoers. The weather here is predominantly subtropical, and the water temperature is between 23 and 28C. The water world of this coast zone is a real paradise for divers. It abounds with majestic coral reefs that can be admired for hours. 

However, in spite of all beauty of the underwater world this area is full of a great number of various sharks: low-hazard and extremely dangerous ones. Low-hazard sharks include: nurse sharks, carpet sharks, lantern sharks, blind sharks, leopard sharks, cat sharks; while bonnethead sharks, ragged-tooth sharks, mako sharks, great white sharks, grey reef sharks, tiger sharks, grey sharks belong to dangerous ones.

Figures show that for the last forty five years 329 cases of shark attacks on human beings took place in these waters. 136 cases out of them were lethal.

Scuba divers and surfers become victims most often; divers get on sharks teeth less often. However, in spite of such terrifying statistics, man eater sharks are still seriously defended by the state and it is prohibited to kill them.

The USA. Florida. New Smyrna Beach

As it is known, Florida is washed by the Atlantic Ocean waters in the east and the Gulf of Mexico in the west. Tourists of any age like these places very much. The whole families come here not only to spend quiet and calm vacations, but to surf, dive and go in for other water sports.

Unfortunately, this area is famous for shark attacks. Fortunately, almost all attacks were by non-hazardous types and caused only minor injuries leading to several days in a medical institution. Thus, for example, one of thirteen cases of sharks attacking a human being happened to be lethal.

However, it is necessary to note that the cases when a large number of sharks appear in the coast waters at the same time (up to one thousand ones at a time) are regularly registered. Specialists think that such mass rowing is nothing more than the search for a better place for sharks to live and eat. Scientists also state that the majority of local types of sharks are not dangerous for a human being; however, this fact neither calms down nor inspires trust.

As it is known, the majority of sharks attack human beings while hunting. In such situation sharks do not care who you are a human being or a fish.

Last time attacks were registered in June 2011. That month two incidents happened one by one on different days.

RSA. Capetown. Fish Hoek Beach

This beach is known by very majestic places and rather soft climate. This helps local citizens to always earn money on a great number of tourists.

Waters are predominately transparent and this place seems to be a paradise for swimmers! However, it is not so ideal; the situation is alloyed by frequent shark attacks on a human being.

The majority of cases with shark attacks are provoked by human beings themselves. Sharks can be provoked by both harmless eating of animals meat on the beach and adrenaline rides when a human being is moved down in a special container under the water at a very high speed. In fact, attacks can be caused by anything; even by the burying of a human being under the water that took place one thousand years ago.

For the last forty five years 276 shark attacks were registered in the coast waters of this area. In January 2010 the government had to close all beaches for seven days. It was caused by a white shark. Brown shark is as dangerous type of sharks; it is also aggressive against a human being.

The USA. California. Bolinas Beach

The Pacific Ocean coast is rightly considered to be a paradise for surfers, divers and mere swimmers. However, it is necessary to remember that a real master of the ocean is not a human being but a shark.

For the last 110 years 142 cases of shark attacks were registered in this area. Specialists explain such situation by the fact that sea elephants live near the coast; and as it is well-known, they are a real dainty for any shark. The fact that each year the number of tourists increases several times is also significant.

Hawaii Islands in the Pacific Ocean

In fact, Hawaii is a rather dangerous place for resting and tourism. For the last 100 years 107 emergency cases with sharks and human beings involved took place here. Unfortunately, 15 cases happened to be lethal for human beings.

The beaches of the Western Maui, Kahana and Oahu islands are righty recognized as the most dangerous ones.

The matter is that the water lacks objects for sharks hunting; thus they start their hunting in the coast zone and attack people. The recent famous cases of attacking occurred in 2008, but it is necessary to note the fact that not every sad confrontation of a shark with a human being is mentioned in mass media. Specialists claim that all attacks were carried out by the sharks that belong to rather non-hazardous types. It is necessary to remember that a great number of attacks have no witnesses, and thus they are not registered.

This statistics is far from being accurate because it is almost impossible to define the place where any shark wants to hunt. Every year the situation becomes more changeable dangerous beaches turn into quiet comfortable places, and this seemingly safe paradise for swimmers becomes a real lair of man eater sharks. It is absolutely impossible to guess where the danger is.

Egypt. Sharm el-Sheikh

The waters of Egypt have been always considered to be safe enough for mass tourism. However, in 2010 there were 5 cases of sharks attacking human beings that rocked the whole world. In one case the victim died. Unfortunately, next year the situation repeated. It is unknown what is in store with tourists.

Russia. The Southern Primorye

For the last couple of years sharks have attacked human beings three times. Specialists suppose that all three attacks have been carried out by the same shark mako. The situation that happened in a rather quiet place rocked the world, and there is nobody who wouldnt know about it. Both mass media and the Internet contributed to spreading this information.

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