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Choose places for clever vacations

Are You Afraid of Sharks? Choose the right destination for the best vacations!

Having seen Hollywood movies about the way sharks bloodthirstily dispatch with poor tourists based on true stories on popular resorts, you unconsciously think what cost to choose for your vacation. Most often and it is better to say in 99 of 100 cases of choosing the beach for our vacation, we follow tempting offers of travel agencies which by bad fortune offer last minute tours, carry out promotion and hand out colorful booklets to everyone. However, unfortunately, a real danger can hide behind a beautiful picture. When it come to your own life, it is better to follow common sense and choose by reference to the safety, not price.

Are There Any Places with No Sharks?

Of course, there are. It can be either a pond in the forest or a river behind your house. In other cases there is no reason to be excited beforehand. Sharks dwell everywhere. Today this hunter watches each mile of salty water. Besides, they dwell on various depths. And it means you can meet it both in low water, and 40 meters under the water, and consequently in each existing water zone and on territories with various landscapes.

As far as it concerns foreign countries, the situation is more pitiable there. Some types of dangerous predators have adapted to living in soft water: in rivers and lakes. As far as it concerns our country, sharks dwell even in the Black Sea that is loved by everyone. One must always stay alert.

The matter is that sharks can dwell in the places which seem to be their uncommon environment. It can be caused by several reasons. Firstly, a shark can get there accidentally. Such cases are well-known. Secondly, it can be caused by an unexpected migration due to thousands of various reasons. Thats why even if you have chosen the place where there are no sharks, stay alert.

What Beach is it Better to Choose?

Before saying It works for me, ask your tour operator what safety measures are taken in this place. If you go on your own, dont refuse from the Internet aid. Dont fail to read in your free time whether in addition to chez-longs and umbrellas, there is a team of professional lifeguards and the coast is equipped with shark towers, fences, nets, and warning signs.

If you have found such a place, we congratulate you. But dont let your hair down! A shark can easily find a loophole in the net with the thickness of several centimeters. It wont take it many efforts to make one huge hole in the net. The predators teeth can gnaw even the shell of the oldest turtle in the world!

Regarding this, there has been an initiative to increase the level of protection by nets through the use of currents of definite frequencies, of course. In specialists opinion, it can help to frighten sharks away from the rest zones. Well, if such developments are put in force, it will be much calmer to swim and play in water.

The Most Dangerous and Safest Resorts

The number of sharks always depends on the place where they dwell. Thus, at some resorts they are as thick as blackberries, while at others they are almost absent. If in the nearest time you are not going to face a shark, it is better to choose by reference to the list of beaches where such a date can take place most often. (The information provided below is the data of the International register of shark attacks that has been registering undesired meetings with sharks for more than a century already).

Better to Avoid



The first honorable place is taken by the most dangerous beach in the world that is situated near the Australian city of Brisbane. This city is much popular among tourists from the whole world. If you go to Australia, the second city after Melbourne must be Brisbane. Unfortunately, this corner of the world attracts not only tourists but animals, too. The coast of Australia is abundant with dangerous for a human being dwellers more than any other area of the ocean. A rare Australian beach is thought to be safe.



Another ocean beach is not less dangerous. Florida that is liked by everyone is famous by its dangerous New Smyrna Beach. However paradoxically it sounds but sharks probably also like to rest. The most flavorful places related to resorts are always ready to please with such surprises. Sharks like human beings are attracted here by comfort, soft climate and smooth sand bottom.



Predators feel perfectly well at the most famous resort in the world the Californian Coast. The Californian Bolinas Beach was famed for not only sun-tanned girls and aerobicized boys in expensive cars but also sharks. In addition to the tender sun and local beauty, predators are magnetically attracted here by the availability of hair seals that, as it is known, are a real dainty in the sharks world. The gastronomic bell in this part of the country is calling various types of sharks including the most bloodthirsty such as for example the white death, i.e. the white shark.



The corners of the planet that are not less beautiful also pay for their wonderful views. Thus, the list is supplemented by the coast of the Hawaiian Islands: Oahu and the western Maui. Surfing fans know perfectly well these places, and unfortunately, against their will.



The coast of the RSA, particularly the Kosi Bay is abundant with sharks right near the pass between the islands near the town of Gansbaai. If you decided to go in this direction, it is better to forget about such resorts as Umhlanga Rocks and Kwazulu-Natal.



The Bahamas Islands so beautifully enchanted in a famous song are hostile not only for tourists. The Grand Bahama Island is famous by constant sharks presence.





Finally, the list of the most dangerous places is completed by the coast of the Brazilian city of Recife.


Top List of the Safest Beaches

The shark has always been and remains to be one of the most ruthless killers in the world. However, fortunately, today there are still places where closer attention is paid to the safety. We impatiently present you safe resorts where protective measures are taken not only on paper but in the reality, too.

Friendly Barbados

The Barbados beaches are leaders among the safest places for vacations. River Bay, Bath Beach, Malibu Beach, Long Beach and other beaches have never shaded their reputation by even one case of shark attack. Surfers (who usually swim further than typical tourists) know more about local waters than others. This place does not attract ocean predators at all, thats why if you rest here, you can feel completely safe.

The Irish Sea Coast

Nobody has ever seen any sharks on the Irish Sea coast either, particularly in the area of Blackpoll beach, one of the most famous British resorts.

Wonderful Barcelona

Today Barcelona beaches like Bogatell, NuevaIcari, Sant Miquell, Barceloneta and Llevant compete with the most famous and luxurious beaches in the world, and only in terms of the service level. A couple of weeks spent in these waters are considered to be a special chic. In addition, local people know how a shark looks like only from pictures.

The Canary Islands

The famous coasts of the Canary Islands are also famous by the absence of sharks. For many years the greatest attention has been paid to the beach of the Morro Jable resort. The hugest fish here happen to get on tourists plates only.

Italian Coast

In this place nobody remembers about at least one case of shark attack, too. The Tyrrhenian Sea, in particular, has always been considered to be a safe place. Sharks can be seen here very rarely, and they have never demonstrated any aggression.

The Krasnodar Krai

Our native resorts are not worse, either. Each centimeter of the Black Sea is carefully digested. The appearance of such fish here would not be left without attention. The types of sharks that exist in the Black Sea are not dangerous.

Virgin Australian Beaches

As it was mentioned before, really safe beaches of Australia can be counted on fingers. But fortunately for tourists, they exist. Today such places where there are no sharks include the beaches of Perth and Broom. The resorts of so called Golden Coast that include such beaches as Surfers Paradise, Main Beach and Broadbeach are considered to be the most defended from shark attacks. Here tourists are offered the first class service and comfortable pastime.

Popular Countries with Sharks

The Mediterranean Sea Coast

The resorts of the Mediterranean Sea can include such countries as Greece, Malta, Sicily, French Cote dAzur. The resorts of these countries remain to be the most popular holiday destinations. However, not all of them can boast the status of the safest ones as far as it concerns the availability of dangerous dwellers. Though meetings of sharks with human beings are rare here, the sharks that dwell here resemble others on the aggression scale, and thus tragic consequences are similar, too. The sharks interest in human beings cannot be characterized as primal. The matter is that most often sharks hunt hair seals and sea bears that are real delicacies for them. Fortunately, the hair seals migration was not noticed in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Local sharks got used to hunt big fish that dwell predominately in the deep depth. Thats why the coast zone is not as dangerous as it may seem.


Unfortunately, the rule that sharks can be everywhere, even where they are not expected is proved by Egypt. The tragic events of December 2010 occurred in the resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh. Sharks attacked tourists who did not suspect anything. Our countrymen were among the injured persons. After these tragic incidents with shark attacks the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have developed special recommendations for the tourists who go there because this water zone abounds with dangerous predators. If some time ago sharks preferred the waters of Sudan that is less populated by tourists, now they enter here, the most populated place of Egypt, too.


The coast of the Indian Ocean has been popular among tourists for long. Few people know that it is also popular among sharks. A sort of tiger sharks is the type of sharks that prefers local waters. Fortunately, in Thailand shark attacks on people are considered to be rare. Probably, it is related to the development of widespread fishing resulting in predators extirpation that acquires frightening sizes. In its turn it provides tourists with safe pastime.

The Bahama Islands

The Bahamas Islands can boast the most blood-thirsty types of sharks. There are the most dangerous dwellers of the underwater world white sharks, hammer sharks, reef sharks, tiger sharks, bullhead sharks and blue sharks. Many types reach gigantic sizes. Besides, these are aggressive attacks in shivers.

The South African Coast and the Hawaiian Islands

The South African Coast and the Hawaiian Islands are not the places where sharks are often found but they still enter the list of the most unreliable places as far as it concerns potential danger. So, it is up to you to choose. The main thing is not to forget about your own safety and cautiousness. Try to choose the places where coasts have exemplary reputation.


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