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shark-repulsion technologies

Multiple international research works have shown that the most efficient shark protective means is the affecting shark's nostrils (Ampullae of Lorenzini) with electricity or odor, which simulates decaying corpses of sharks, namely it is cupric acetate.

It has been experimentally proved that sharks avoid areas where there are decaying corpses of other sharks. The sense of smell is the shark's most sensitive sense; it helps the shark to track a victim down over many kilometers. When an unpleasant odor gets into shark's nostrils (Ampullae of Lorenzini), they start retracting and force the shark's eye to close.

There is no other shark protective means that has been used as long and widely as cupric acetate.

Long tests have shown that significantly fewer sharks were caught if the bait was treated with cupric acetate if compared to a clean bait. And if a shark had a choice of several baits, it always chose a bait without the agent based on cupric acetate. Experts have acknowledged that despite the fact that cupric acetate is not able to ensure 100% safety, it decreases manyfold the probability of an attack, bringing it to a negligible value.

Another well explored way of protection against sharks is the use of the Shark Shield agent, which produces electric field affecting the extra sensitive shark's nostrils causing them to cramp. The device does not attract sharks and is safe for humans and sea creatures. The device has passed multiple tests and is used by a great number of water entertainment' fans who can witness the efficiency of the device.

Shark Shield was invented under an order of the SAR Government, which country's waters are the home of a great number of sharks. Today, the system is used by secret services of SAR and Australia (Australian Elite Military, the South African Navy the US Coast Guard) and has been approved by NATO.


The patented Grogol Aroma invention is related to satisfaction of human vital needs, namely to protective compounds, particularly to the means that directly impacts skin to protect it from exposure, and is to be applied before swimming in sea and ocean basins.

The objective of the invention is the development of a repellent that would protect people and retain and extend the effect of active agents when swimming in seawater.

This assigned task is met through the inclusion of active agents in the individual shark repellent, such as cupric sulphate and cupric acetate, film-forming material, complex emulsifier, stabilizer, and water.

Besides, the individual means can contain acrylate copolymer as the film-forming agent; and the following components as the complex emulsifier: cetearyl izononoat, ceteareth-12, cetearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, glycerin, cetyl palmitate, ceteareth-20; methylisothiazolinone and sodium salt of methylparaben as the preservative; triethanolamine as the pH regulating agent; sodium salt of diaminetetraacetic acid as the complexing agent; propylene glycol as the moisturizing agent; with the following compositional structure, wt.%:

  • cupric sulphate Ц 0.5 Ц 1.0
  • cupric acetate Ц 0.3 Ц 0.6
  • propylene glycol Ц 1 Ц 3
  • methylisothiazolinone Ц 0.1 Ц 0.2
  • triethanolamine Ц 0.07 Ц 0.08
  • sodium salt of methylparaben Ц 0.03 Ц 0.05
  • sodium salt of diaminetetraacetic acid Ц 0.05 Ц 0.1
  • complex emulsifier Ц 2.5 Ц 3.5
  • crylate copolymer Ц 1 - 3
  • and the rest is water.

For comfortable use, the individual means is made in the form of a liquid that is to be sprayed onto a human body.This invention is accompanied with a detailed description and examples of its forms and use.To prepare the individual shark repellent means, one must add the complexing agent, the preservatives, the active components of cupric sulphate and cupric acetate to the prescribed quantity of water. Then, the moisturizer, the film-forming material, and the complex emulsifier are to be added in a sequence.

Dispersion is achieved by mixing the components until the required emulsion concentration is reached.

The offered individual means is designed to repel sea predatory fishes - sharks - and to prevent them from attacking humans. Due to acrylate copolymer, cupric acetate, and cupric sulphate (blue stone), it is capable of retaining its effect for up to 15 minutes in seawater. Besides, it has the attributes of a resistant and highly dispersed emulsion, which can be easily applied and remains on human skin for a long time.This individual means is highly absorbed by skin and causes no allergy.  The offered invention is available under the patented Grogol Aroma trademark.

Safety precautions when facing a shark

  • If available, use individual protective means. They are as important as sunscreen cream.
  • Do not swim near fishing boats (sharks tend to chase them as they are attracted with the blood of caught fish).
  • Do not bathe in the dawn and twilight (it is meal time for sharks).
  • Do not swim where there are large fish shoals.
  • Do not enter water if you have recent wounds, cuts, scratches or during periods (sharks sense the blood odor over several kilometers).
  • Do not offer any bait to fishes to get an eyeful of them.
  • When entering the water, take off all shining jewelry.
  • Leave water immediately if you have a suspicion that there is a shark nearby.


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