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Health safety

Aromatic product consists of natural components and it is completely safe for use. It’s used analogically to sun-protective cosmetics by spraying on skin. The product is made and declared as required by All-Union State Standard, ‘liquid cosmetics goods’.

Aromatic product should be applied several minutes before swimming, as special filters need to be soaked into skin and be entirely ready to contact water. For applying you need to spray small amount of active substance and spread evenly on skin. You do not need to rub in the aromatic product, it will be soaked by itself.

Aromatic product application should be repeated every time before each bathing. It’s necessary to avoid long stay in the sun before come to water. Effectiveness of protective components may be diminished and it’s necessary to apply the product once again.

GrogolAroma aromatic product has no toxic, skin-exasperating and sensitizering exposure.

The package of aromatic product completely provides safe-keeping and quality of the product.

Shake before use. Some components of the aromatic product spread unevenly and sink out, that’s why well shaking before applying on skin is necessary for maximum effect goal.

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