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Conditions of Sale

A customer understands that products selling by SharkKiller company decrease the probability of shark attack, but as well as seatbelts guarantee nothing.

Despite numerous tests and researches there is no opportunity to guarantee safety products against sharks will be effective against all species of sharks, in any situations and circumstances.

A customer is obliged not to provoke sharks and not to dive in places of their gatherings.

A customer understands the company has no responsibility for the product effectiveness.

Remember, there is no 100% shark attack protection and keep safety rules:

As far as possible use individual safety products. They are important as well as sun cream.

  • Do not swim near fishermen’s boats (sharks like to follow them because of the blood of caught fish)
  • Do not swim in the dawn and twilight (it’s time for shark eating)
  • Do not swim where large flocks of sharks gather
  • Do not come to water if you have fresh wounds, cuts, scraps or during periods (sharks feel blood smell in several kilometers)
  • Do not bait the fish just to admire it
  • Take off glittering jewelries before coming to water
  • Without hesitation come out of water if you think there is a shark somewhere near.

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