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Sharkiller is the company owned by Grogol, LLC and it is the only owner of a highly effective shark repellent Grogol Aroma, produced and certified in Russia,  based on the compounds such as copper acetate in combination with other ingredients that are mimic a dead shark and drive live sharks away from human beings in the water. 

For years combination of copper acetate was supplied to sailors as a shark repellent. The new Russian technology and researches made by Russian science increases the effectiveness of the one and the results are very successful.

Following two recent incidents of shark attacks in the Russian Far East in August 2011, the Russian scientists have come up with a straightforward solution and announced in 2013 that local tourists are to use high effective shark repellent Grogol Aroma.

"Grogol Aroma"
"Shark Shield"
"Repel Sharks"

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