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Tragic and at the same time happy story of Bethany Hamilton began 10 years ago. It is that time young and beautiful girl with huge amount of energy and millions of might-have-been desires clashed in struggle with sea predator. Bethany lost her arm, but saved her belief in life. Her one and the strongest dream to become successful and famous surfer came true!
To the present day many people have remembered tragedies in Primorsky Krai last summer. Only year ago it is in Primorsky Krai waters sharks mounted several severe attacks on people which came off tragically.
Tragedy took place in coastal water of popular resort island Reunion.
A shark attacked a tourist from Korea in a quite popular and actual American resort. The attack occurred in the coastal waters of Guam island. The young man was peacefully bathing in the ocean, when a huge sea predator attacked him. Unfortunately, it was impossible to save him.
Several days ago local amateur divers reported that during latest diving they came across a whale shark 3 meter long. As sportsmen suppose the sea predator came to Eilat waters in search of food.
On Kiribati islands there were found ancients weapons, spears and pikes made of shark teeth. Actually, this event encapsulates two discoveries as absolutely new kind of ancient weapon and new shark species! The case is teeth of sea predators were used for making of such spears, which are unknown for current time.
Minister of Tourism of Egypt reported every try to kill off a sea predator will be chastened by strictness of the law. Only one complaint from the association of environment protection will be enough for punishment execution.
Luke Allen – quite young but experienced surfer – faced with a man-eater shark during a sequent swim. The predator bit off his legs and a part of a hand. As the young man said later, he had not noticed the shark because it came in a shoal of porpoises.
The peace of nearshore zone was broken by a shark that scared all the beachgoers away. People took run in a moment, and the rescuers were quick-response to manage with the predator. After a while the tourists could make some photos near the dangerous fish.
Ahmat Hassim – the bronze winner of Paralympic Games 2012 in 100 meters swim in butterfly stroke lost his leg at struggle with a man-eater shark several years ago.

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