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Blacktip Shark

Kind: Gray Shark Carcharhinus

Blacktip shark Carcharhinuslimbatus

Blacktip shark (carcharhinus limbatus)  also known as small blacktip or blackfin shark is a creature with a stretched body and strongly-marked spiky snout.

Its name the predator takes from the black spots on its fins tips. The head of the fish is rather spread and lightly flat. In the sickle-shaped chaps with tightly closed jaws one cannot see another 15 rows of teeth, dental plates of which are slightly leaned inwards.

The eyes of the shark are round with lappet-eyelids, the fairly long fins are located not far from each other. Second back fin is shorter than first and the lower part of flukes is shorter than upper one. The color of shark can vary from brown to gray and pales with age, the paunch is usually white. There is also a sidelong light stripe. A shark of this kind is hardly called big, the lengths as a rule equals to 1,5 meters, although can reach 2,5 meters with a weight of 120 kg. The biggest known shark is 2,8 meters long breed its weight is 123 kg.  

Dont confuse the blacktip shark with hound blacktip one these are absolutely different representatives of the bloodline. The most significant differences cover the white stripe, other allocation of the spots, more spiky snout and shorter branchial archs.

The habitat area of blacktip shark

These sharks usually range on the depth of 30-60 meters and prefer nearshore island waters, firths, lagoons and coral reefs. Also able to live in fresh water what makes clear the cases of meeting in rivers entries with a rich food reserve.

During the daytime blacktip sharks (especially the young immature specimen) can organize small shoals, although the shoals are disjoined by the night.

The blacktip sharks usually inhabit tropic and subtopic latitudes. You can meet it in the Atlantic ocean, not far from the shores of Brazil and Africa, within the area of Caribbean basin as well as in the Indian and Pacific oceans up to Australian coasts. Sometimes the shark migrates up to Florida in wintertime, and from North Carolina in summer.

The ration of blacktip shark consists of small bottom creatures including cephalopods and crustacean, average schooling fish (sardine, herring, mackerel) and also little skates and even other sharks of smaller sizes. During the hunting shark rolls as a spin and rushes into the shoal to gather stun fish. For the species the breaks of fury are proper they appear as a rule during the search for food in showl. Thats why these sharks are often met near the ships gathering in fury food scraps.

The propagation is occurred with viviparity. Each year female specimen breed 4-5 kids, the continuance of pregnancy amount from 10 to 12 months. The coupling continues from the beginning of spring until the first days of summer, parturation happens far from the varmints in warm water on soundings.

The shark is estimated as puberal by 4-5 years until this age young species hide within the littoral vegetation. The blacktip shark lives about 15 years.

Blacktip shark has not so many enemies - between them the sword-fish and some small dermal parasites can be mentioned. Although they mean nothing if we talk about man, year after year reducing the blacktip sharks number.

Blacktip shark is being very aggressive predator and constitutes a serious danger for divers and surfers. These sharks can attack man with no evident reason in such cases victims are usually able to avoid heavy damage, although the fatal cases are registered too. The most dangerous state of the shark accounts for the minutes of alimental fury when its driven by hunger. Opposed to divers which the sharks prefer to avoid, the surfers cause a real interest of the predator.

Large amount of sharks attacking against men is registered within the Gulf of Mexico and not near Florida. If you face a blacktip shark the main thing you have to remember is that it must not be teased despite its size and quite pretty physical characteristics, the shark is firstly a predator that can hurt you to death. The behavior of these sharks kind is absolutely unpredictable and the burst of fury can be caused by any reckless act. Indeed, even the bite of a dog is being rather unpleasant and undesirable for anyone - and the teeth of shark are much more dangerous so does the attack.

Notably that the fins, liver and meat of blacktip sharks (as of their relatives - the soupfin sharks) are estimated as highly valuable products of trade it is very famous for the taste and large amount of different nutrients. As for example we can mention that in the USA the meat of blacktip shark is quite expensive and always desirable and rather often dealers pass off the meat of hammerhead, thresher and other sharks as the meat of blacktip one.

The fishing in aims of trade is being the general factor for blacktip shark reducing. For the recent years the significant decline of their populations is registered although there is no risk of total disappearance by this moment. Nevertheless, the problem is actual and demands careful attention of relevant authorities: the blacktip sharks produce offspring in quite slow rate and the threat of their extinction is inevitable.

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