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The Great Hammerhead Shark

Its not a secret to anyone, that sharks are the most dangerous inhabitants of the World Ocean. Thats why we are going to talk about the Great hammerhead shark (lat. Sphyrna mokarran). If you read its name attentively, it becomes clear that this order of chondral sharks represents the biggest species of all hammerhead sharks. Their regular length comprises 4-5 meters, and sometimes even bigger species can be found. Besides this, the sharks hammerhead is almost square, which is the distinguishing feature of the predator.

More often the Great hammerhead shark is found in warm waters of Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, in the coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. This order of sharks is widespread near Hawaii, the Philippines, New Zealand and other seas with very warm water.

It is notable about these sharks, that they never hunt in groups, therefore there always are few of them in each area.

Some species reach 6 meters in length and sometimes even more. The evidence to this is a huge hammerhead shark taken out of the sea near New Zealand by a group of fishermen. The sharks length approached 7,89 meters and it weighed 363 kilograms.

The Great hammerhead shark looks very much like other representatives of its family and differs from them only in size. This shark is the biggest one and it has few enemies. The Great hammerhead shark is very aggressive and fierce.

From the very childhood the hammerhead sharks start hunting for their comrades, which may substantially exceed them in weight. Speaking about adult species, it is necessary to mention that these ones can attack any sea predator, even if it is bigger and more aggressive than themselves. The only true threat comes to them from humans and parasites.

These sharks eat fish, squids, shellfish, crabs and everything else moving. Best of all they prefer poisonous skates and horsefish. The skates poison does no harm to the sharks.

Though the Great hammerhead shark is very dangerous, it attacks people rarely, and this is due to its rare appearances near populous seashores. More often assaults happen near Hawaii, the Philippines and Florida, because the sharks breed mostly in these areas.

The Great hammerhead sharks amazing exterior and huge size often attract attention of curious divers, who expose their lives to serious danger staying near the hunter. Inside the sharks jaws there are tiny, but sharp-pointed teeth, which constitute a potential menace to people. Only few people survive in fights against this huge chondral fish.

By the way, people never stay in debt. They fish hammerhead sharks out to use their big and tasty fins in food industry. As a result, the species population constantly falls.

The Great hammerhead shark is an endangered species and it is listed in the Red Data Book.

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