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About company

Since 2010, the Sharkiller Company has been the official dealer of one of the world most efficient shark protective means and represents on the Russian and world market the shark protective means based on the electric field exposure and cupric acetate (the odor of decaying shark corpses).

Since 2013, the Sharkiller Company, through the Grogol LLC Company, has exclusive rights for selling Grogol Aroma, the world most efficient and up-to-date individual protection against sharks.

The company mission is the implementation of affordable and highly efficient shark protective means for mass consumption, decreasing the number of shark attacks on people, and saving people from the panic fear of sharks, which spoils life of millions of people, without any harm to sharks and to the environment.

Shark Shield has been invented under the order of the SAR Government, which country's waters are the home of a great number of sharks. Today, the system is used by secret services of SAR and Australia (Australian Elite Military, the South African Navy the US Coast Guard) and has been approved by NATO.

The chemicals based on the cupric acetate have been applied during many years as a standard shark protection means by the officers of secret services of Australia, USA, SAR, Egypt, and Israel.

Until 2013, cupric acetate has been used as the Repel Sharks directed aerosol or by way of spraying large quantity in water (Repel Sharks). This type of protection was used mostly by divers who knew when this means was to be applied.

In 2013, scientists have managed for the first time to retain the effect of cupric acetate in water with the help of a special chemical formula.

Presently, there is no shark protection means for the fans of sea swimming, which would be more efficient, comfortable, and safe, except Grogol Aroma.

Windsurfers and divers can also purchase Shark Shield devices equipped with special fixtures, which ensure continuous shark protection in the sea.

Our protective means are meant to be used by anyone who is in the sea or in the ocean, including: holidaymakers at hotels, free and deep-sea divers, fishermen, windsurfers, catamaran drivers and many others.

They protect against all species of dangerous sharks, including the great white shark, tiger shark, bull shark, mako shark, oceanic whitetip shark, gray shark, hammerhead shark, sand tiger shark, blue shark, blacktip shark, lemon shark, horn shark, mackerel shark, seven-gilled shark, and silky shark.

Make a phone call to Sharkiller and get a consultation on what shark protective means you need.

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