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She was attacked by shark 10 years ago. Now she marries.

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Tragic and at the same time happy story of Bethany Hamilton began 10 years ago. It is that time young and beautiful girl with huge amount of energy and millions of might-have-been desires clashed in struggle with sea predator. Bethany lost her arm, but saved her belief in life. Her one and the strongest dream to become successful and famous surfer came true!

Remarkably, but will power and desire to live full life strike modern moviemakers so that Bethany’s story was adapted for the screen in Soul Surfer movie. 

Today young, lovely and successful Bethany celebrates her anniversary of meeting with her prince. She found her soulmate, she wants to live, create and dream for his sake. Young couple is happy and cannot imagine life without each other.

The story when the girl lost her arm surfing in Hawaii she remembers with smile. Such attitude to tragedy helped her lend shoulder of solace and give gladness to people who found themselves in similar situation.

Young couple sincerely believes that their meeting and love are gifted them by God. The case is Bethany and her beloved strongly believe in the Almighty and try to adhere his commandments in all things.

Year ago Adam told his love to young girl without arm is real gift and only with her he may be really happy, frank and free.

Young couple remembers with a smile the moment when Adam offered his hand and heart to his beloved on the coast of Na Pali island. At that time it seemed that world had turned topsy-turvy!

Young people have prepared for wedding, visits church, consults with their spiritual mentors. At the same time young couple doesn’t stop to give moral support to people who lost belief in life after shark attack.

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