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Repetitive attacks of sharks in Primorsky Krai

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To the present day many people have remembered tragedies in Primorsky Krai last summer. Only year ago it is in Primorsky Krai waters sharks mounted several severe attacks on people which came off tragically.

Since bathing season is close, the authorities of Primorsky Krai alert all locals and non-resident guests that staying in water is dangerous! Experts dont rule out the possibility of new shark attacks on human and want to avoid all tragic accidents.

Theres no reason to think Primorye will be closed for swimming and bathing. Not a bit. Specialists permit to bath and rest on beaches which are thoroughly checked and where the possibility of sea predators appearance is entirely eliminated. Next wild beaches are forbidden for rest:  Rikorda, Reyneke,  Russky Island and Popov Island.

Official date of bathing start is June, 15. However, even today the city authorities exercise local residents about necessary actions in case of danger. Firstly, its necessary to leave water and evacuate people from coast. After that you need to report about danger to special rescue service.

For those who dont remember lets recall three cruel and tragic shark attacks on human took place in Primorsky Krai in 2011. To the present day many people have remembered the case of Denis Udovenko who lost both his hands during struggle with dangerous sea guest. All attacks happened in August.

In 2012 attacks began since July. Fortunately, there werent any fatal cases.

Be careful and dont spoil your vacation into sick leave.

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