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A shark attacked young groom before brides very eyes

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Tragedy took place in coastal water of popular resort island Reunion.

Young couple groom and bride were bathing in sea, when the man decided to swim off literally 50 meters off shore. Just in this moment he was attacked by a wild shark which put him down for its dinner. 

Fortunately, coast-guard was on the alert and rushed to rescue young surfer at once. They managed to scare off huge predator and drag the injured out. Unfortunately, the man didnt regain senses and died because of huge blood loss.

The worst thing is that terrible event happened before brides very eyes. Till this day she has been in hospital and doctors have diagnosed acute state of shock.

Lets remember, the tragedy took place in the waters of Indian Ocean, Reunion island. Similar accident took place literally several days ago in Australian waters. A young surfer was conquering waves, when a huge white shark attacked him out of depths.

According to witnesses reports, the predator had been tortured dead body, until it tore it apart. For the first time beachgoers saw such a huge amount of blood. To the present day the surfers remains arent found. As its supposed, the shark did nothing but swallowed its catch and returned in depths.

It should be also mentioned that often sharks attacks arent obstacles for water sport lovers and to the present time they continue to swim and surf where recently other sportsmen found their death.

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