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A breakthrough in the odor retention technology

The patented contents based on cupric acetate and sulphate with acrylate copolymer added, which create an invisible film of sodium salt of ethylendiaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA Na) – the complexing agent, which stabilizes copper, allow to extend the affect of cupric acetate and sulphate from a few seconds to 15 minutes.


The odor of decaying meat based on the Grogol Aroma agent does not cause any unpleasant feelings to the wider public and is insensible in the outdoor conditions. However, sharks with their excellent sense of smell cannot stand it.

Safety of use

The aromatic agent consists of natural components and is absolutely safe for use. It is used in the same manner as sunscreeners by spraying it onto the body. The agent has been created and declared in compliance with the State Standard GOST "Cosmetic liquid products".

Proven efficiency

It is a proven fact since 1946 that areas where there is decaying shark meat are free of alive sharks. Laboratory tests have revealed that this process results in exhaling chemical agent - cupric acetate and sulphate. Thus, it was determined that cupric acetate is the very shark repellent.

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